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How Effective Are Your Company's Strategic Talent Management Initiatives?

Yes... finally... interest in talent management has reached the appropriate level - fever pitch. No longer solely the domain of HR departments,


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Excel Enterprises is a Two decade old consulting company in the HR & Recruitment space. A strong management team drives our business in diverse spheres, industry Segments and HR verticals. Though Hyderabad centric, we work across geographies and cultures,



Our Services include
IT– Across diverse application and product based companies
Non-IT- Spanning Industry verticals from core sector like Steel, Aluminum to Services like Retail, Telecom, Insurance SEARCH At Senior / Top Management



Excel Enterprises"
is an innovative concept, which is an amalgam of" four distinct consulting entities. As the name suggest , we are into bridging the gap between the corporate on one hand and the individual on the other, and our activity also involves Head hunting.


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